We Are A Rainwater Harvesting And Flood Risk Management Company



We bring balance in WATER ELEMENT on the earth by HSGF initiative within the defined SPACE by integrating various water verticals through logical and meaningful design approach.

About Us

SPACE ELEMENTS is a design consultancy firm with a vision to contribute to delivering an integrated and well-coordinated sustainable design solution under a common roof.

Our exclusive HSGF initiative deals with scientific and technical study for an integrated water resource planning and design service, where we study HYDROLOGY of the land to assess SURFACE WATER for an effective enhancement of GROUNDWATER reserves by FLOOD ANALYSIS to complete the hydraulic circle while balancing the WATER element on the earth.

The HSGF initiative helps to save humanity before the economy while defining water’s social and monetary value to become water positive citizen of the nation.

Our Vision

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SPACE ELEMENTS has adopted a design philosophy to conceptualize the study with constructive and productive methods by balancing five vital elements of the universe — SPACE – WATER – AIR – FIRE – EARTH.

We imagine the SPACE as an energetic and dynamic element, where the other four ELEMENTS are flourishing and prospering.

Our Mission

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At SPACE ELEMENTS, we are re-imagining and re-evolving our society through water sustainability by restoring watersheds and wetlands. We bring the change in people’s lives and the surrounding environment by applying purposeful and functional logic between various water verticals.

Our design approach brings balance between environment and development  by establishing the paradigm shift from the conventional belief of water as Indefinite ‘’RESOURCE’’ to definite ‘’SOURCE’’.

We design rainwater harvesting system of the premise by conducting various scientific studies of hydrology, flood and technical calculations of surface water while supporting Architects, Landscape professionals, Engineering consultants, MEP consultants,  Water auditors, Plumbing consultants, Real- Estate developers, Facility managers, BRSR auditors, ESG auditors, and Insurance companies as well.


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India Green Building Council

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Indian Plumbing Association

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The Gujarat Institute Of Civil Engineers & Architects

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