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Tejas is a Founder of SPACE ELEMENTS and Co-founder of SDGC LLP,which works in designing an integrated water source infrastructure to gain water credits while complying with ESG and BRSR guidelines.

He is a civil engineer having a project management background with 28 years of Industrial experience in construction projects to develop green facilities with a sustainable design approach. He is a strategic design thinker and facility planner having a philosophical approach to transforming the cultural state of institutes and organizations while executing business strategies successfully.


A civil engineer with professional accreditation of LEED-AP, IGBC-AP, and GEM-CP with more than 30 years of project management consulting experience in pharmaceuticals, FMCG, power plant, and other Industrial projects to develop water-sensitive and sustainable facilities.


Prashant is a Co-founder of SPACE ELEMENTS, who works on designing an integrated water source infrastructure to gain water credits at a large while integrating sustainable development goals into the design concept.

He is a civil engineer having 10+ years of industrial experience in design coordination activities for sustainable project developments that bring balances between the environmental, social, and economic aspects of design to meet the current requirements of all stakeholders without compromising the needs of future generations.


Apoorv Tripathi is a Founding member of SPACE ELEMENTS,which provides an Integrated Water Source Planning and Design by HSGF initiative.

He is a water resources engineer having skills focused on hydrology, hydraulics, storm water networks and rainwater management as an integral part of the built environment.He has good experience in environmental science, hydrology, flow dynamics, flood hazard mapping, prediction and management of surface water sources.

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