Facility Design – Space-Elements



Facility Design for a 36 MW Solar park at Modhera- Gujarat

The solarization of the Sun Temple in Modhera, Gujarat, was taken up as a pilot demonstration project for the town to operate entirely on solar energy. The project is expected to fulfill all the domestic and agricultural electricity of all the households in the district using only solar energy.

The Modhera Sun Temple was constructed back in the early 11th century, and it has remained unchanged even today. That had inspired us to adopt “TIMELESS” as a design concept when designing the facility to bring the relevance of the place and the project. Our design decisions revolved and evolved around the concept while defining material specifications.

The design of the facilities would function the same way in the far future without affecting to basic functions even though the technology advances. The ultimate intention was to create a maintenance-free facility to restrict and curtail revenue expenses for the next decade.

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