Cater Irrigation Demand – Space-Elements



Flood Study for conceptual development plan near the lower Maniar dam- Telangana

The Lower Maniar dam was constructed to cater irrigation demand, domestic water demand and flood control for the Karimnagar town. However, the downstream of the dam has opened up to river front development for the city for recreational purposes having community, adventure and entertainment spaces. It is planned to develop the riverfront from the suspension bridge to the old bridge side, which covers a distance of about 4 Km.

The primary objective of the study is to evaluate the impacts of discharge from dam structures in the vicinity and to develop flood mitigation, adaptation and prevention plan with reference to proposed water retaining structures. SPACE ELEMENTS undertook the flood study for visualization of flood information for designers/ planners to revisit the development plan of proposed river-front design concept. These maps will form the basis for developing different flood risk scenarios based on land use and environmental conditions of the project area, in their various formats and scales.

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