HYDROLOGY STUDY - FLOOD ANALAYSIS For Proposed 5000 MW Solar Park In 3500 Acre Land | Space-Elements



for proposed 5000 MW solar park in 3500 Acre land - Kutch - Gujarat

The primary objective of the study was to understand the site hydraulics and effective regional hydrology of the project premises to know the flood hazard impact by analysing the peak surface water elevation, the peak water depth, and the peak water velocity. Information and data generated from the historical rainfall events for pre-development conditions and post-development conditions were used to derive safe development levels of the study area.

A wide range of spatial datasets for the study area were generated, analysed, and integrated by using various historical data like climatographic, topographical, meteorological, geological, geomorphological and geophysical field investigation within the context of the project.

The proposed project is a part of the upcoming World’s largest hybrid renewable energy park at Kutch and Banaskantha districts. Client have entrusted SPACE ELEMENTS to take up the study for one of the blocks having 3705-acres of land to set up a renewable energy power plant in Kutch and Banaskantha districts. The site location is falling into the Kutch district; however, the 1500 SqKm effective hydrology of the site is falling into the Banaskantha district.

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