Hydrology Study And Flood Analysis For Proposed Solar Farm- Gujrat



Hydrology study and Surface water Assessment for proposed 3300 MW solar farm- Gujarat

The objective was to develop the water-neutral campus by maintaining groundwater base flow in the streams to ensure business sustainability of the premises. The study was conducted to derive water resource management solutions with a futuristic vision, where peak water demand can be managed with the on-site business requirements.

SPACE ELEMENTS partnered with engineering consultants to conceptualize an Integrated Water Resource Plan for the proposed project by understanding the basic hydrology and stochastic rainfall analysis to derive rainwater harvesting concept while designing functional invert levels and sizes of the proposed storm water network.

The proposed project is a part of the upcoming World’s largest hybrid renewable energy park at Khavda. Both windmills and solar panels are being planned to be set up to generate power with a 30,000 MW hybrid renewable energy park at The Great Ran of Kutch. The part of the proposed project has been allotted to the Client with an area of 6650 hectares. The Boundary of landfalls between the Border Security Force – manned India Bridge and the India-Pakistan border.

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