Hydrology Study And Groundwater Study For Pharmaceutical Manufacturing



Hydrology study and Groundwater study for a proposed
pharmaceutical manufacturing premises in Ahmedabad Gujarat

SPACE ELEMENTS partnered with a contracting company to carry out a Hydrology study – Surface water assessment and Groundwater study for upcoming pharmaceutical premises. The client was planning to set up a new manufacturing facility in the OSD formulation segment near Ahmedabad to meet cGMP and FDA to the domestic market requirement.

The primary objective of the study was to get acquainted with surround water bodies, ponds, canal and other wetland, while understanding the drainage pattern and soil type of upstream of the site. Based on the same, all discharge parameters of culverts and hume pipes were calculated for rainfall intensities of various return period.

Moreover, it was essential to identify the potential ground water recharge capacity based on geological formation of the premises. Study will be used in design as a primary water structures and rainwater harvesting structures as a flood mitigation measures.


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