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Tejas Joshi
Designation: Associative


A civil engineer with a project management background with 25 years of industrial experience in construction projects to develop green facilities with a sustainable design approach. A strategic planner and design thinker having a philosophical approach to transform the cultural state of an institutes and organizations while executing business strategies.


Tejas is a Founder of SPACE ELEMENTS and Co-founder of SDGC LLP,which works in designing an integrated water source infrastructure to gain water credits while complying with ESG and BRSR guidelines.

He is a civil engineer having a project management background with 28 years of Industrial experience in construction projects to develop green facilities with a sustainable design approach. He is a strategic design thinker and facility planner having a philosophical approach to transforming the cultural state of institutes and organizations while executing business strategies successfully.


Prashant is a Co-founder of SPACE ELEMENTS, who works on designing an integrated water source infrastructure to gain water credits at a large while integrating sustainable development goals into the design concept.

He is a civil engineer having 10+ years of industrial experience in design coordination activities for sustainable project developments that bring balances between the environmental, social, and economic aspects of design to meet the current requirements of all stakeholders without compromising the needs of future generations.


Apoorv Tripathi is a Founding member of SPACE ELEMENTS,which provides an Integrated Water Source Planning and Design by HSGF initiative.

He is a water resources engineer having skills focused on hydrology, hydraulics, storm water networks and rainwater management as an integral part of the built environment.He has good experience in environmental science, hydrology, flow dynamics, flood hazard mapping, prediction and management of surface water sources.


Dharmendra Panchal is a Founding member of Integrated Aqua-Source Management Pvt Ltd, to carry out Project Management Consultancy in the field of construction of Rainwater harvesting structures. He is a mechanical engineering with having strong background and field experience in executing heavy equipment/ machinery installation in the pharmaceutical industry
for more than 25 years.

His strong interpersonal skills in construction coordination have helped us in the successful installation of 250+ rainwater harvesting structures across India. His contribution ensures that the rainwater
harvesting system gets installed as per design and drawings at the site in consultation with clients/ consultants.


A civil engineer with professional accreditation of LEED-AP, IGBC-AP, and GEM-CP with more than 30 years of project management consulting experience in pharmaceuticals, FMCG, power plant, and other Industrial projects to develop water-sensitive and sustainable facilities.


Jigar is a Founder of Rydot Intuit – Infotech and Co-founder of SDGC LLP, which deals with a vision to empower Digitalised Transformation with cutting-edge technologies in GIS, AI, Big Data, IoT, BI, RPA, and Blockchain.

He is an encouraging entrepreneur who has built a Rydot with emerging technologies like RPA, Big data, Digital media, AI, and Blockchain and cultivated maximum growth, trust, accountability & efficiency. He has 15+ years of experience and delivered in software development projects such as Hydrology, Water management, GIS web application, telecom, banking, mobile & web, and FMCG.


Aakash is a qualified geologist who strives to discover geological mysteries and translate them into engineering terms. He has good knowledge of rock formations, sedimentary processes, and geological formations focusing on aquifer mapping that deals with hydro-geological aspects.

He plays an interdisciplinary role in examining rocks, experiencing soil structures, and visualizing landforms to assess groundwater movement.


Jay Panchal is a GEO-AI engineer having in-depth experience in data generation, data
analysis, and spatial data creation by processing, analysis, and visualization. He possesses the skills of using GIS tools for performing GEO-AI applications for variant pre-feasibility studies and engineering design activities.

His contribution to designing Geo-Informatics (GIS) while integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI) helps in solving real-time problem statements to a great extent. He is extensively assisting our team in designing
dashboards to integrate raw data to implement real-time energy monitoring to implement green credit programs.


Siddhi is an Environmental Engineer, who practices water balance analyses of a watershed and determines the potential water source in the respective basin.

She possesses skills in designing water storage, waste-water treatment, and water conveyance systems for various purposes. She aims to safeguard the environment from human-caused harm by implementing
pollution control measures and promoting efficient water recycling and waste management practices, to generate clean water reserves for lives on earth.


Abhishek is a Water Resource Engineer, who
practices catchment management by using
simulation software to quantity water volume to be managed in the respective basin.

He possesses skills in designing integrated
water source management systems for various applications. He aims to prevent the built environment and optimize the design by using various rainfall-runoff modeling software.


Harshal is an experienced GIS analyst specializing in infrastructure and smart
cities projects. He is proficient in managing
geodatabases, and digitizing spatial data
while ensuring data accuracy.

He is committed to enhancing efficiency and
precision through advanced geospatial techniques and is passionate about leveraging GIS solutions to address complex challenges in urban planning and infrastructure development.


Vishesh closely works with the team while
assisting in arranging the required resources
to make a functional working environment in the office. His contribution to financial tasks and logistics enables the team to work productively and efficiently.


Dhruv Shal is the field supervisor and plays a vital role in overseeing site logistics, work management and field coordination in supervising rainwater harvesting structures.
He has strong interpersonal skills in operational activities.

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