Surface Water Assessment by varifying stromwater network design – Space-Elements



By verifying stromwater network design

Design philosophy and the study objectives was to demonstrate core values of an organization and keep them alive throughout the lifecycle of the premises. Therefore, the study was conducted carefully while applying meaningful logics and transform that into an engineering framework to support business development and marketing activities.

Undulation in ground profile of saleable plots is holding rainwater at various spots of the land and that creates visual discomfort to the potential buyers/ clients. Stagnant water may create unhealthy conditions and unpleasant visuals at site. Therefore, the client intended to bring an engineering intervention to support their business development and marketing activities effectively, while ensuring business sustainibility by water sustainibility.  

The  key activity of the study was to check the sufficiency of the existing storm water network system. Water conveying capacity was verified by analysing and comparing applied data base by preparing the IDF curve and defined application specific rainfall return period. The IDF curve was also used to verify and confirm the sizing of storm water network system with reference to observed participation data.


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