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WATER – A way of life

WATER – A way of life

”Everyone wants to own water, but no one wants to own water.” At first instance, this statement seems so confusing. One has to scratch his head to understand the literal meaning of the statement. Let me take you through the real-time incident to interpret the statement.

The metrological department predicted the season’s first rain two days back. High humidity was making us more uncomfortable. Desperately, while sitting on the balcony, we were fantasizing and looking continuously at the sky that evening to see rain to a drop-down. We went down on the road to enjoy the rain that where each drop magnifies and changes the scenery on the other side of the building. We welcome a cool drink from the clouds and taste fresh drops looking upwards while walking a long way.

While walking around, we noticed that one family was busy collecting water flowing from roof drainage pipes. They were busy storing tank while getting wet, unlike us. They said that there is a water scarcity when we ask the reason with curiosity. Contrary, we saw open sewage drainage cover allowing surface water to flow to avoid water logging in that area. These observations turned our happiness into contemplation and we returned home with many unresolved questions about the mismanagement of rain WATER. The reality is that no-one wants water harvesting, but everyone wants to borrow it from the environment.
People opening sewage water to prevent water logging on the road.

We realized that people haven’t understood the importance of water yet. ”Water is an inorganic, transparent, tasteless, odorless, and nearly colorless chemical substance, which is the main constituent of Earth’s hydrosphere and the fluids of all known living organisms. It has 997 kg/m³ density, 100 °C boiling point and H2O is a chemical formation” would be the most common answer having least important worth when we ask about water.

Water has a very profound and deep meaning. It isn’t simply a chemical substance, but clean and fresh water is a basic necessity on earth. All living things, from tiny cyanobacteria to giant blue whales, need water to survive. Without water, life would not exist. And life exists only, wherever there is water.

Being a leader, we are promoting the water movement as a ”Way of Life”. Our water movement will be elevated to an idea for self-reliance, having access to free water all the time. All urban and rural areas shall have a water harvesting system for their use. Farmers will be able to grow crops throughout the year even than there is a rainless dry season. Our sincere and honest efforts of water harvesting will be attempted across the country, as a duty towards the economic, cultural, and social upliftment of human beings. We strongly believe that water is not merely a substance but an” A Way of Life”.

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