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WATER – A way of life

WATER – A way of life ”Everyone wants to own water, but no one wants to own water.” At first instance, this statement seems so confusing. One has to scratch his head to understand the literal meaning of the statement. Let me take you through the real-time incident to interpret the statement. The metrological department …

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WATER – An Ideology

WATER – An Ideology Clean drinking water is a prerequisite for optimal health. More than two-thirds of the human body is comprised of water. The major component of cells in the medium is to transport the nutrients and waste throughout the body. Besides, water helps to regulate the internal body temperature and serves as a …

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WATER – The Valued Resource

WATER – The Valued Resource यह नदियों का मुल्क है, पानी भी भरपूर है । बोतल में बिकता है, पन्द्रह रू शुल्क है। The literal meaning of the poem is ”India is a country of rivers and rivers are full of water. But water is being sold in a bottle worth Rs 15.” I came …

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